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The Joy of Learning and the Joy of Judaism
The learning process can vary greatly from child to child and many schools are making an effort to develop new types of teaching strategies that can cater to each individual student's unique process of learning. The top Jewish day schools in Toronto continue to develop new teaching methods that focus on providing individual learning experiences for each student in the school. The results are promising and the graduates from these schools exhibit academic excellence, confidence and a strong foundation for lifelong Jewish learning.
The new learning processes extend to more than just a general curriculum of knowledge. The teaching techniques are used to educate the students on the important elements of Judaism including the prayers, testaments and beliefs that go into living a Jewish life. Students acquire a deeper understanding of the Jewish lifestyle while being encouraged to synthesize the traditions they are taught with their own personal values. The private day schools typically offer programs starting from junior kindergarten up to grade eight. Graduates from these programs are ready academically and spiritually to continue their Jewish learning for life.
The best Jewish day schools in Toronto offer a warm and welcoming family oriented learning environment where students feel comfortable and are encouraged to think critically. The environment is conducive to teaching the conservative Jewish traditions while allowing students to ask questions and acquire a deeper understanding of the Judaism and its practices.
Employing the Latest Learning Technologies
Students have access to the latest technologies in order to enrich the learning experience. Technology has made it possible to employ a more interactive learning model into the classroom. This helps students interact, communicate and become comfortable using the various technologies necessary to be successful now and in the future.
An interactive learning environment reinforces the materials that are presented to the students and the overall learning experience is much more enjoyable. The result is a graduate from the program with an exceptionally firm foundation in general and Judaic studies.
The top Jewish day schools in Toronto recognize the value in critical thinking and the learning programs are designed to help students nurture this important skill. Students not only receive the knowledge from the curriculum and Judaic studies, but are also shown how to apply this knowledge to different types of new situations. Strong critical thinking skills are essential to lifelong Jewish learning and the ability to adapt successfully to a world that is in a constant state of change.
A Commitment to Social Responsibility
The understanding of the Jewish lifestyle is further strengthened with the inclusion of charity work and other forms of social responsibility. The importance and benefits of being a mensch for themselves and others is imparted on children from an early age. Students are encouraged to be sensitive and respectful of others in the school and within their communities.
Choosing the best Jewish day school will prepare your child to be a leader in society while building a strong foundation for lifelong Jewish learning.
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Bathurst Campus
1700 Bathurst Street,
Toronto, ON M5P 3K3
P: 416.781.5658
F: 416.787.9632
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Bathurst Campus Location:
1700 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3K3
P: 416.781.5658,   F: 416.787.9632